I almost killed myself getting this picture. After dropping off the third of a 1000 solar panel lights, we had to make our four mile trip back over some of the most rugged terrain I have every countered in complete dark.

Regrettably, we were completely not prepared for this particular light drop and only had 3 lights for the 8 of us walking. Thankfully, I had an LED app on my iphone, a charging cord and a Mophie back up battery charger to create a constant light source as one of our travel lights. Thought my iPhone was going to burst into flames it was SO HOT!

Took us a long time to get home. Don’t worry mom and dad, we are being safe. Walked with two walking sticks each. Well that was until we had to use sticks to beat away a snake. Honestly, we are being as safe as we can and it was small.)

I can assure you this image is not retouched or darkened. When the sun sets there is a blackness that falls on the island like a heavy wet blanket. Any light that is illuminated seems to be swallowed up the moment it shines.