Cheese Balls. Whenever I am shooting a portrait I try and develop a concept that fits the persons personality or style. Sometime when I see a comment that they wrote it just jumps out at me and that becomes the inspiration.

Last week I had the great opportunity to meet @sweatengine. In his profile @sweatengine describes himself as a Full Time Cheese Ball. Although I found him to be the exact opposite of a cheese ball, it was hard to pass up the concept when I asked to shoot his portrait.

@sweatengine was really cool when I asked him if I could dump a huge container of cheese balls on his head after my photo walk with @sittingingodspalm and @jasonmpeterson ended.

Thanks for being so nice, personable and sincere @sweatengine. Good luck on your travels guys it was great meeting you!!

after my photo walk with (at Kmart)