Photographs don’t discriminate between the living and the dead. In the fragments
of time and shards of light that compose them, everyone is equal. Now you see us; now you don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you look through a camera lens and press the shutter. It doesn’t even matter whether you open your eyes or close them. The pictures are always there. And so are the people in them.
-Robert Goddard

Some assembly required is code for “get ready to embed a hammer into your skull in frustration!” Happy Monday everyone.


To live a creative life you must get over the fear of hearing the words you are doing it the wrong way. Wish I heard that from one teacher when I was in school. – kuster




ALTexpo from Kevin Kuster on Vimeo.

Great behind the scenes look at our great collaboration with Atl Hotels and the #jj community. Really proud of this project and the great final collaborate mural turned out! Thank you everyone that contributed.

Watts of Love, a non-profit organization local to Chicago, partnered with PastBook to publish an ebook of their recent humanitarian trip to the Philippines. During this trip, Watts of Love delivered 1,000 solar lights to remote impoverished communities living without access to electricity. Photographer Kevin Kuster, also of Chicago, documented the trip using only his iPhone, and the pictures are nothing short of inspiring. In this guest post, he has shown us a part of the word we rarely see up in here in the Windy City. To read more click here…

Exciting times here with me at #jj Hope you have checked out the FIAT USA tab and sign up to attend one of our five instameet and a chance to win a new 500L. #JJ and Fiat Trip ready to launch.

Totally inspired video by Adam Barker that makes you want to get out and take photos. If you need a little inspiration today…here it is ENJOY.

This is a pretty insightful article on the current photography market. Who Shot the Photographer?

When one person sees trouble, another sees opportunity. Me? I see opportunities.


My most resent article published at TheAppWhisper.com.

If you have ever spent anytime with your face down and your eye looking through an Schnieder 4x photo loupe, then this is the article for you. If you’ve never used a photo loupe, check this quick read out and see how it’s still fun to roll “old school” while editing images.

“Amateurs worry about the technical, professional’s worry about the finances, and the Master is only concerned with the light.”

Light = Life

Today is world photography day and “share your adventures of service week” at @kammok.

I can honestly say this IS the most meaningful image I have ever shot in my 20 year career. I just shot this image on my humanitarian trip last February with @watts_of_love.

Not only did this trip change my heart it also gave me a vision of how to use my photography skills to help people in such need.

Regrettably, up until this trip, I had never used my story telling and photography skills to create positive change and help others. Sad and regrettable but, brutally honest.

By providing these families living on Ilin Island without any electricity a clean solar light it changed their health, finances, lives and futures forever. It also changed how I view the world and plan on giving back.

I would love to hear how you are using your skills, time and talents to help create change? (at Ilin Island)

A moment of peace. (at Naper Settlement)

They say the government is slow to change but this airport security sign is kinda silly now. (at Trenton Airport)

Man is drawn to the sea, because it represent both beauty and danger. (at Beach Haven, NJ)

Driver not included. (at Under the hood)

The blues.

Outwit, outlast, outplay. (at 104th Street Beach)

Where fish stories begin and the big one never gets away! (at Loveladies, NJ)

Red skies at night sailors delight. Red skies at morning sailors take warning. (at Barnegat Lighthouse)

“If I say it’s safe to surf, it’s safe to surf.” —Lt. Kilgore (at 113th St. Beach, LBI)

Modern day Huckleberry Finn. Off to find buried treasure. (at 100th Street Beach, LBI)

Forecast 100% chance of gray. (at 100th Street Beach, LBI)

When I asked him if I could take a picture of him taking a picture he said…”with that?!” Insert disapproving tone.

(at Bayview Park)