Really proud to have been interviewed by Passion Passport on my most resent trip to the Philippines to help with super typhoon #haiyan relief efforts.



News feature that ran on WGN news last night regarding my work with Watts Of Love. Thanks to everyone that helped me and followed our journey. 

You cannot use up all your creativity so let it flow freely.

Creativity is like the human muscular system. The more you exercise your creativity the stronger it becomes, the quicker it responds and the faster it recovers from being torn down.

It is in this “tear down and build up” process, that muscles become stronger and stronger.

@littlecoal, although I am sorry your muse, the #littlecoalshouse was torn down yesterday, I can’t wait to see what grows out of this destruction, not only in your photographic life but, also on this hallowed IG plot of earth.

Be looking for the new door that will open soon!

Watts of Love, a non-profit organization local to Chicago, partnered with PastBook to publish an ebook of their recent humanitarian trip to the Philippines. During this trip, Watts of Love delivered 1,000 solar lights to remote impoverished communities living without access to electricity. Photographer Kevin Kuster, also of Chicago, documented the trip using only his iPhone, and the pictures are nothing short of inspiring. In this guest post, he has shown us a part of the word we rarely see up in here in the Windy City. To read more click here…

Totally inspired video by Adam Barker that makes you want to get out and take photos. If you need a little inspiration today…here it is ENJOY.