Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child. When I first read these words by the Director Tim Burton I knew he was 100% right. Children see the world in an entirely different way then we do as adults. Today try and notice one small thing in this big beautiful world. I promise seeing the world with child like eyes will give you an new and different out look filled with wonder and glory.


Although this Mangy women was fully clothed, she couldn’t have been more naked and vulnerable when I photographed her. I captured the first photo of her as she was looking through the windows wishing she had been our our list to receive a solar light. I moved outside to try and remove the walls and objects that separated us. As I snapped this last photo, I realized that despite any desire on my part to want to connect with her, it was obvious that she was too bruised by her hard and painful life to disconnect from all that separated us.


Father and son sat, smiled and watched as this complete stranger (me) took their photo.


Do you ever feel like you’re being followed?


Arriving at a cross roads.


Remember to lift your head up and follow the path in front of you.


Like no other.


I was never a good student. Regrettably, my son and many others like him struggle at school as well. Thankfully there are a lot more systems in place to help students today. I tell him all the time in the most sincere way possible how incredibly emotionally intelligent, creative, insightful and intuitive he is. When I was a kid it was called being “street smart.” Although that was never one of the boxes to be graded in school, it has served me very well in life. This post is for those who think differently! The creative’s in the world who don’t follow rules well in school, drawn outside the lines, don’t march to the beat of the group. These are the minds of the future creatives, the rule breakers, the mavericks and ultimate barrier benders that will help forge things yet to be imagined. Love you Kaedin. I can not wait to see all the amazing things you do in life!


Chasing waterfalls.


From death comes new life.


It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness. #rememberingrupp


Son of a son, son of a sailor.


Moments before the three Billy goats gruff arrived.


Standing in front of the Church of St. Kevin! Yep, you read that right. Plus, I just learned a little about St. Kevin.
It was St. Kevin’s desire to be a virtuous and holy man dedicate to serving God. One night as he was sleeping a women entered his bedroom and tried to tempt him. Not only did he resist her advances, he carried her out of his home and tossed her into a nearby river. Now that is a unique way to cool someone’s jets down.
The church of Saint Kevin in Ireland is also know as the church where “the roof never leaked.” It stand just few yards away from the Round Tower of Glendaloch, know as one of the most visited sites in all of Ireland. If you ever make it there, be sure to stop in the small church of Saint Kevin and tell them that Kevin sent you. I am sure you’ll get a response of “oh now isn’t that grand.” We Kevin’s need to stick together.


When I first started to travel to Ireland, the country wasn’t known for their excellent cuisine. My initial eating experiences there was… “boil it till it’s gray and add some potatoes.” Wow, have things changed in the Emerald Isles! @firehousebread was one of my most enjoyable eating experiences ever in Ireland. If you’re ever in Wicklow I highly recommend stopping in for some of the best breads in the entire world!


I was told this places called the 40 foot was one of the most popular swimming places in Ireland. Really? The seas were angry that day my friend. Very, very angry!


As we emerged from the dense pine woods overhead, I had to capture the beauty of this electric green moss setting.


Gray skies, blue church.


Gray skies, blue church.


Getting my inner Ragnar Lothrok on as I view the snow scatters hills where they film the TV show the Vikings. Truly majestic scenery.


His name is Tony Drummond and he is the harbor master in Bullock harbor. He has worked in the same small harbor on the front lines of the Irish Sea for over 50 years. He was a truly memorable character and it was a joy to be in his presence.
I loved him the moment I heard him say… “I don’t need a fookin scientist da tell me dares global warming. I see da fookin changes every day. Every day.”


A Lannister always pays their debts and Kuster always gets his shot.
Although I had to go back to the castle a second time and hold a very awkward position for a very, very, very long time for no one to be in the frame and the light to be right but…. I got the shot I wanted.
Let the photo Games begin again today.
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Malahide beach or walking on the moon?
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His name was Patrick. He was kind. He could tell a great story. He was full of cheer. In a sentence—he was perfectly Irish.
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Conformity is for cowards. Galway Instameet. #irishrail #jjindublin #stpatricksjjinstarail #selecthotelsofireland


Sometime words are not necessary or adequate. Galway Cathedral. #stpatrickjjinstarail #jjindublin #jjindublin #mysterytrain1


PG-13 post so cover your kids eyes or feel free to scroll past this post if you have a delicate disposition.
So….rolled out of O’Neils bar and saw a huge line of people people waiting to ahhhh…. how do I say this…caress/grab this female statues boob. “What the heck is happening here” I though to myself? Everyone, females, males, old and young we’re all waiting their turn.
Little did I know that this was the famous Molly Malone statue of Dublin. When I asked a few local folks about this women/statue, I was informed she was a some what famous lady of the night. Plus, kept some famous customers in Dublin. Today she/ the statue is affectionally known as “the the tart with a cart.”
The funniest thing is that the statue was initially in a different location in Dublin and was moved in front of St. Andrews church to stop the occasional breast exam that Molly was encountering on a daylily base. Regrettably her new location increase the activity.
What happens in Dublin says in Dublin. However, perhaps it’s time for confession. If anyone else has different version of Mollys story I would love to hear it.
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@stpatricksfestival was amazing. Now off to the bars for a pint at #ONeilsBar Please don’t hold any of my next posts against me if they are totally incoherent.


Although he might not always be happy about it….I always like to get a good portrait of @joshjohnson whenever we travel together. What do you think of my @stpatricksfestival portrait of him? #jjindublin #stpatrickjjinstarail #jjinstarail


Social media matters and it is changing the world for the better.
Most TV news shows would tell you that social media is destroying the world and disconnecting all of us. Although I’m sure that is true in some cases, my experience has been quite the opposite. Social media has allowed me to meet, connect and develop friendships unlike any other aspect of my adult life.
As I took @joshjohnson out for his first pint of @Guinness and fish and chips at #LeoBurdocks, I couldn’t help and reflect how this funny little app called @instagram allowed me to connect with Josh, make tons of new friendships, help create an amazing @jjcommunity develop a business and travel the world. Crazy thing is that Josh and I worked together for well over a year before we even met in person. We finally met in person at a photo conference in Brazil similar to the one we are launching in Dublin this week.
As Josh typed on his phone traditional Irish music played in the background. Pints clinked, friends laughed and not one person in the bar knew that Josh was posing and communicating with over 600,000 people across the globe.
To me social media is like the modern day pen pal. It is so powerful. I’ve seen people be more comfortable sharing their feelings on social media then to their family and friends. This willingness to be really authentic with others allows people to connect in a very deep and meaningful way. These friendships and connections can not and should not be trivialized.
The next time you see someone tapping away on their phone in a coffee shop, on a bus, or in bar, remember— that person could be having one of the most intimate, thoughtful, and meaningful communications of their entire week. #BarCornerConversations
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