Windy City.


Go Ape! In life you often encounter obstacles that can challenge and scare you. It never stops and is a part of life and growth. Nothing is better than overcoming obstacles. It’s especially gratifying over coming challenges together with your son. #StrongerTogether #DadAndSonDayOut I highly encourage everyone to schedule a day @goapeusa in Western Springs.


Picture perfect.#wolGuatemala2017


Photography at its best is a feeling, not a thought. #wolGuatemala2017


It was a profound moment as I watched this little boy follow his mother as she walk into our distribution center to receive her solar light. Little did this boy know that he was walking into a new and brighter future. @wattsoflove #wolGuatemala2017


This was our base of operations while we were in the jungle. Not much but all that our Watts of Love team needed. Loved how they brewed their morning coffee… big steel pot over and hot open flame, tons of coffee grinds, welter and big old ladle. Real jungle roast. (coffee photo by @Annie Wallace) #wolGuatemala2017


Her entire life seemed to be etched on her face. #wolGuatemala2017


Whether you love or hate doing laundry, it’s one activity that ties us all together. I hate it and always have. My mom seems to love doing laundry. She folds it perfectly and she also some how seems to put a extra layer of deep freshness into the heart and soul of a particular piece of clothing. Trust me, she has serious game when it come to laundry.

When I shot this photo I could not help and wonder if people in developing counties loose as many socks as I do? Or does having them dry on a bar wire fence keeps the sock monsters away? #AncientChineseSecret #wolGuatemala2017


There is no end to grief so that let’s us know their is no end to love.
The fist time I ever saw people make the walls of their homes out of rusted, old bed springs was in Manila four years ago. I was was horrified and amazed.
It was tragic that people were forced to use such dangerous items to build their homes, but visually, I found it so beautiful.
When I saw so many families using the exact same type of old rusted bed springs all away across the globe in Guatemala, I couldn’t help and think that mankind has way more that unites us then divides. #wolGuatemala2017


Before we revel our brand new solar light, we wanted to introduce you to our arch enemy…. kerosene.
More women and children are severely burned or killed by kerosene every year than are diagnosed with HIV and TB combined.
Kerosene, kills, maimes and destroys. Regrettably, kerosene seems to target women and children the most.
Over the past five years we have seen so many people severely burned by kerosene. It so heart breaking to see someone that was burned by kerosene then be forced to use it again to have light at night.
Now that know what or enemy looks like, please consider making a $50 donation to buy someone a solar light and help us eradicate this deadly enemy.
Click the link in our bio to donate now.


Although I’m away from my son Kaedin on Father’s Day, this morning view and an amazing Happy Father’s Day email from my step-son filled my dads heart tremendously.


Man, Coke taste so much better out of a cold glass bottle. I haven’t had one of these since I was a kid! I feel a little like Mean Joe Green as I chugged this bad boy! If know that reference you know what life was like before social media.


So what does one do to kill time in Mexico City international airport between flights? You buy a Mexican wrestling “luchador” mask’s for the perfect selfie!


This post marks the beginning of a global change in solar lighting that will forever change the world! Nancy Economou and @connorjohn7 hold underneath their hands the future of solar lighting and the future of Watts of Love!!
After thousands of hours of design meetings, testing, research and hundreds of changes, we are about to reveal our COMPLETELY new solar light to the people of Guatemala.
With the support, belief and partnership with Molex and a team of their finest engineers, we have created a new solar light that will change the world and the lives of those that live in darkness after the sun goes down.
Follow our journey as we head down to Guatemala to distribute our first 50 new solar lights!
We can not thank @molexconnectors and all of the employees enough for all of their support and assistance. Next stop Guatemala!
#NewLightBrighterFuture #WOLGuatemala2017 #givelight


Dallas Love and now leaving.


Did a quick inside portrait teaching at our Instameet last night after the Miami rain pushed us off the beach. Thanks for being my model Stian. Inspiring location @wolfsonian #longroadtonow


Did a quick inside portrait teaching at our Instameet last night after the Miami rain pushed us off the beach. Thanks for being my model Stian. #longroadtonow


Huge thanks to @wphsouthbeach and @wolfsonian for hosting @Joshjohnson and I here in Miami, for the launch of #JJ’s #LongRoadToNow exhibition. The hotel is so elegant. The Washington Park Hotel feels to me like a little slice of the Art Deco age. . . add in air conditioning in every room. . . thank goodness. The opening night was so well attended and such an amazing show!
And now. . . it’s pool time. Thanks again to @wphsouthbeach for your hospitality this week.


Enter the Tiki Bar and be forewarned.


Our @jjcommunity is all about connection. We love getting together everyday on IG for the #JJ Photo Forum but even better is the chance to meet up face to face. A hug beats a double tap every time.


Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz who created this magnificent piece of public art died recently. I believe this is one of the best and most powerful public sculptures in all of Chicago.


Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child. When I first read these words by the Director Tim Burton I knew he was 100% right. Children see the world in an entirely different way then we do as adults. Today try and notice one small thing in this big beautiful world. I promise seeing the world with child like eyes will give you an new and different out look filled with wonder and glory.


Although this Mangy women was fully clothed, she couldn’t have been more naked and vulnerable when I photographed her. I captured the first photo of her as she was looking through the windows wishing she had been our our list to receive a solar light. I moved outside to try and remove the walls and objects that separated us. As I snapped this last photo, I realized that despite any desire on my part to want to connect with her, it was obvious that she was too bruised by her hard and painful life to disconnect from all that separated us.


Father and son sat, smiled and watched as this complete stranger (me) took their photo.


Do you ever feel like you’re being followed?


Arriving at a cross roads.


Remember to lift your head up and follow the path in front of you.


Like no other.


I was never a good student. Regrettably, my son and many others like him struggle at school as well. Thankfully there are a lot more systems in place to help students today. I tell him all the time in the most sincere way possible how incredibly emotionally intelligent, creative, insightful and intuitive he is. When I was a kid it was called being “street smart.” Although that was never one of the boxes to be graded in school, it has served me very well in life. This post is for those who think differently! The creative’s in the world who don’t follow rules well in school, drawn outside the lines, don’t march to the beat of the group. These are the minds of the future creatives, the rule breakers, the mavericks and ultimate barrier benders that will help forge things yet to be imagined. Love you Kaedin. I can not wait to see all the amazing things you do in life!


Chasing waterfalls.