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This is Father Stan. He is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met. He loves to serve his people and they love him dearly. .
Father can be very gentle and soft spoken. He can also command an audience like none I have ever seen. I believe the term “fire and brimstone” was coined just for him.
While discussing Uganda I asked him, Father what is your favorite animal? Without missing a beat, he replied in his thick Togo accent… “A lion! They can be very still and suddenly…. sooooooo pooooowwerfooool! They have POOOWER!!” It was perfect.
Father often drives the back dirt roads of Uganda at 80mph while Mozart plays from his CD player loud enough to drown out your own personal fears and screams as he waits for the very last second before slowing down to avoid herds of cattle on the path. It’s almost like you can hear the cows say “Mooooooooo out of the way, Father Stan is coming.” #woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda


Uganda’s future is looking brighter.


I will never get tired of seeing people hear (many for the first time) “You can lift yourself out of poverty. This is your opportunity to start saving money and change your life by no longer buying paraffin. You can educate your family or even start your own business by using your new @wattsoflove solar light!” Hearing these words touches their spirit in a deep and profound way.


A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five. Thank you to all of those that donated and made our Watts of Love and U4Ugandatrip possible!


I never can get into our large group shot since I am always behind the camera, however, on this trip I am able to capture the “Uganda Selfie” while standing on a 8ft ladder. The crowd goes nuts and I get to always remember how lucky and grateful I am able to server these people with my gifts and talents. There truly is no better feeling to serve others. Well marking a huge group of Uganda’s laugh is a close second! #woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda U4Uganda


We finished delivering solar light early today and I was lucky enough to go to the local market. Wanting to leave all my equipment behind and be “less technical” with my photography I decided to bring just my cell phone and concentrate on the local Uganda children. It was such a joy for me to capture these lovely faces. Hope you enjoy them as much as I love capturing them! @wattsoflove and U4Uganda #woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda


Mona Lisa has nothing on this Ugandan momma. She totally knew who she was and the authority she carried in life. #woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda


Some walked for over two hours to reach yesterday light distribution. Some had shoes, many did not.
They say you should never judge a person until you have walked a mile in there shoe. I can say with all honesty that what these feet have endured would surely break me.
Despite their circumstances, the children in Uganda have such a resilient and joyful spirit.
#woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda U4Uganda


Each and every time I travel and am fortunate enough to serve all kinds of people in places all over the world. I am constantly reminded that there is way more that unites us then divides us. Joy, laughter, love. The desire to provide for your family. Friendships. The hope for a life of purpose and so much, much more.
I believe the quote by Janelle Knox sums up our global problem of race and classism perfectly… “We are all created equal but we torn apart by comparison.”
This is Judith and Grace. One if from Uganda, the other from America. Both are equally amazing, beautiful, intelligent and strong dedicated women that make this world a better place.
#woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda U4Uganda


Gira, Gira! Gira!!


This is Uganda’s expression of joy. It’s called Gira, Gira! Gira!! All the women wiggle their tongues or tap their lips to create this incredibly joyful and lyrical sound to express joy and happiness. It’s one of the most beautiful sounds on earth!
This particular women had the loudest and most joyful sound that resonated high above all the other 300+ women preset at today distribution.
Although I love her face in this photo, it’s not the best aspect to this capture. If you look closely, just behind her you will see someone holding a very large camera trying to take a picture of me with my camera! What the…?
To take this photo I put one of my two cameras down on the ground to capture this portrait. Without me knowing it, this friendly stranger decided he wanted to try out my camera to see what he could do. LOL. Can’t wait to see if he captured my good side.
#woluganda2018 #givelight #wol #u4uganda


Our entire U4Uganda team moments before we began distributed 662 solar lights! It was a truly spectacular day. So many of the light recipients showed up in their absolute best and formal outfits. Some walked for hours to reach our distribution center. Although it was a very long day and some people waited for 6 hours to get their new lights, the entire day was overflowing with joy, laughter and love.


Much has been written about the innocence of a child. Far better writers have penned prose about this beautiful and fascinating subject.
When I asked this, joyful and constantly smiling young boy to take a quick break from playing duck, duck goose and come with me so I could take his photo; he suddenly stop smiling the moment I placed him where the light was right and took this pose.
Although this was not the face or photo I had in my mind, I snapped it as quickly as I could, knowing it would be gone in a split second.
Where did this pose come from in his little limitless brain? What was he communicating to me? How did he see himself? There were so many questions that ran through my brain as he ran back to his game with his friends and some of the @wattsoflove team.
Innocence, like love has often been described but, can only be fully experienced in union with another and shared without understanding.


Next stop Uganda! So excited to be traveling and working with the great non profit U4Uganda! #u4uganda #woluganda


This photo make ME smile.