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con·tem·pla·tion. The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

Although I do not know what his internal thoughts were at the time I took this photo, I could completely see the conversation taking place in his eyes.

THREE 4 THREE. I was asked to post three things about myself that not many people know about me. Here goes.

1. I have been SCUBA diving several times with sharks in the open ocean without a cage.

2. I enjoy the process of having a suit tailored by a profession seamstress. Feels exciting and relaxing all at the same time.

3. I used to build W.W. 1 plastic model planes by hand and sell them professionally.

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There are no words for this tragedy. #prayersforparis

As the sun rises I wake safe and rested. Veterans Day also begins and I can’t help and think about how many veterans face their biggest ‘demons’ while sleeping.

One of my former co-workers ‘Smoker’ who proudly served in Vietnam used to tell me all the time how his greatest fear in life was his walk to his bed to begin the process of sleeping.

At night ‘I see all the faces again and relive what I try and forget’. Smoker was a Special Forces ‘tunnel rat’. From the few things he shared with me, it was obvious that he had seen and encountered things that no man should ever experience.

To anyone who has ever served in combat, I wish you a peaceful, and uninterrupted sleep tonight.

Thank for providing me and my family the ability to sleep safely in our beds. Our words of gratitude and thanks will never be enough for the price you were willing to pay for the freedoms we enjoy!

I shot this image at WW 2 day event. When I asked this participate his age, he said 18. Just a boy like many of those that served.#thankaveteranforyourfreedom