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There are some things in life that just shouldn’t be. A young boy fighting cancer is on the top of that list. No one knows why these things happen, however, helping a family currently fighting cancer is something we can all support and rally behind TOGETHER.

To help Diego, Fran @instafraner the Garcia family during this time of difficulty and transition we have started a GoFund Me fundraiser. Please click the link in out bio to donate.

For today’s theme hosted @jjcommunity we are asking you to tag your best TOGETHER photo #jj_forum_1279.

As a special request for today’s TOGETHER theme we are also asking people to repost this collage and help spread the word about the GoFund Me campaign. Please consider putting the link in your bio as well.

TOGETHER let’s all support a boy, a father, a friend and a family! TOGETHER we can make a difference and help.

The early fisherman catches the Mahi, Mahi.

Following the crowd prevents you from finding your own path and greatness. #thinkdifferent

Next stop, the beach.

Miss my little guy so much!

Here is your psychedelic thought for the day.

Whoever said size doesn’t matter was wrong!

Always cool to see your photo printed large but, seeing it printed 8ft, x 25ft is Super Sized cool! Fantastic @europaeye

What could be better than donuts for lunch? Donuts delivered in a truck like this appropriately named… The Donut Vault.

Beauty can be seen in all things seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. -Matt Hardy

So close but yet so far.

Psychedelic had a baby.

A photo can not adequately represent a African sky and do it justice. A sunset in Africa must be experienced to be fully understood.

I was cleaning out my iPhone since I was out of space and stumbled upon this image. I truly hope to return some day to Africa.

Headed back into the water with a different outlook on life. Today the sun seems even more beautiful because of @Mick_Fanning #thankful

Peanut butter and Jelly. Batman and Robbin. Milk and cookies. Sonny and Cher. Ying and Yang. And then there was @littlecoal and #littlecoalshouse. Somethings a prefect pairing.

If you have heard about the epic road trip that @neighborhoodfilm @littlecoal and @thecraighensel are on, I encourage you to check it out #Neigborhoodfilm

Sometimes black and white photography is over rated. Ahh!

Searching for the gram before darkness closes in. Best of luck @neighborhoodfilm @littlecoal and @thecraighensel. Safe and adventurous travels.

No one to save.

Number one son on a early morning run.

I have spent the day finally reviewing my video footage that I shot in Nepal with @wattsoflove. I have been unable to view ANY of my footage because I had lost ALL of the drone footage that I shot. To say I was devastated would be an understatement.

I cannot tell you how difficult it was to get two drones across the globe and into Nepal after the earthquake. Transported by planes, a bus, several taxis, and a donkey. Yes, even a donkey!

@echeng from @djiglobal asked me if I could bring two drones with me to help @patrickmeierpics and iRevolutions with disaster mapping.

Before I left the U.S. I practiced every day to get comfortable with the drone. I wanted to capture footage that no one was getting of the people and homes that were devastated by the earthquake outside Katmandu.
Although I had never flown a drone before, I was determined that I would not crash it, loose one going through customs, have it confiscated or stolen.

I spent days getting riding behind a motorcycle to get to remote areas so I could capture the devastation . When I went to transfer the video to my computer it said NO CONTENT!

I did everything right but it was all gone! I checked the disc several times. Even had a friend check it on a different card reader and different computer. NO CONTENT.

Today right before I was about to reformat the card I used in Nepal, all of the drone content showed up. It was truly amazing and I have such a feeling of gratitude!

I hope this footage give whoever sees it some small idea of the devastation that the Nepali people are still trying to recover from!

To my Nepali friends, I miss you, you are not forgotten and we will return!

I knew the moment I saw him.

Seems like I almost missed the boat on is post but been slammed. Want to thank @Chitecture and @mercurycruises for presenting me with a great evening and allowing our group to see one of the best skylines in the world! #ChiExcellent.#CruiseChicago.

Thanks @kbucklandphoto @nick_ulivieri. Running a community isn’t easy and creating a great one requires dedicated leaders!

Had the cool honor of shooting a portrait of artist @sarahraskey who than enlarged it and turned it into an amazingly HUGE piece of mixed media art.

If you are ever in Chicago stop by @allegrochicago to see it hang in the lobby.

It’s a truly amazing piece of art that I am very proud to have contributed too. Sarah is a fantastic talent, friend and collaborator. Excellent choice Hotel Allegro! #ladylucent, #photographyasart

I couldn’t help but notice this man as the Nepal early morning light painted him as if he were dressed in clothes spun from silver and gold.

Although I was sure he had lost most of his earthly possession in the carnage of the earthquake, he sat with a regal authority that was palpable and awe inspiring.

Legs crossed, walking stick secured and eyes looking off in the distance as if foretelling the future of a hidden realm to all but him.

Although I was afraid I would disturb the scene with the click of my shutter, I knew it was a moment that if captured properly would reveal an authentic moment of man’s humanity.


And then it was gone.

Contrast makes life more interesting. And sometimes the glasses make the man standout from the crowd.

Pumped to see the new images published @europaeye!

Larry Mullen Jr. #U2. Sometimes I love my profession more than words can express.

3,2,1… #nicheXjasonmpeterson