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Some men commute to work on trains, limos, or taxi. Others travel by red and battered 4×4 pick up trucks. (Working man series 2-3)

Some men wear tailored suits and silk ties, others wear hardhats and steel toed boots. Series 1 of 3.

The frozen black snowman. He ain’t holly or jolly taking this photo.

He looked at me, through me and beyond me with one look.

Untitled but not forgotten.

My next photography teaching engagement will be in my home town of Chicago!

Almost sold out do to the amazing list of speakers.
To see the full list of speakers and to register, click the link in my bio.

Please let me know if you are attending.

Although we all come from different nationalities, faiths, political perspectives, ages and outlooks on life, today let us be united with all those who march in France for peace and the end of violence.

Freedom of speech means you support the right of people to say exactly those idea which you do not agree.

Difficult? Yes. But this is completely the essence of freedom of speech and a necessary truism.

This image is a repost from @yebiesu, who is currently among the million people that have gathered in Paris as a remarkable display of solidarity.

Non conformist.

Missed flight.

Snow days make for easy commutes.

Silver bullet.

When your moral compass points between two options equally, how does one make a choice?

This is the image that means the most to me from 2014.

It would not be appropriate to say I “like this photo the most” because of where the photo was taken and what it represents. However, very rarely in my career, I feel I capture an image that does honor to a moment and/or person by capturing a brief second of unfiltered, non-judgmental truth.

I hope this little girl where she may be tonight will experience a great amount of joy and love in 2015.

Below is the original caption.

From behind the rusted bed-spring walls that defined her home and separated us, this young girl reached for me as I walked passed while delivering solar lights in the Smokie Mountain slums of Manila. @wattsoflove
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