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Chaos of normality.

Winter is coming.

Meet me at cross roads of Robert and Johnson.

I just put my son in bed with a smile on his face and I am truly thankful!

Although my son has never experienced a Christmas morning opening presents with his mom and dad together (do to our divorce) I feel so very thankful for my “new family” traditions.

The first year I moved into my new home I was sincerely depressed thinking about a Christmas morning with just my son and I. Sad but true.

I had always encountered lots of family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends all around on Christmas morning as a child. It was magical and always very special.

When I told my dear friend Tom about how I was feeling, he told me “you need to start new family traditions that are just yours and Kaedin’s” He was so right!

When I asked my son (4 years old at the time) what tradition he would like for Christmas he said… “Can we eat chocolate cake in your bed after we open presents?” You BET WE CAN I replied!

Now, every Christmas Eve we watch The Little Drummer Boy before bed, open presents Christmas morning and once all of his presents are opened, we head into dads bed to eat homemade marble chocolate cake! Yes, I do bake it!

For anyone not celebrating or enjoying the type of Christmas they had hoped for, please consider making your own “NEW family tradition” tomorrow. It’s not too late and I promise it will help!

If anyone wants to share their Christmas tradition with me, I would love to read all about it. Plus, it might inspire others and help.#newfamilytraditions.

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you have never heard of the Christmas Truce of WW1 please take a moment to view this short video. Link in my bio.

Amid the darkness of WW 1 came an isolated but beautiful moment where peace, faith, hope and humanity overcame the bonds of war, and, even if for a night and a day, peace became possible.

Even in mans darkest hour peace is always possible! Merry Christmas to everyone that has support me this past year.
This post is in honor of my grandfather who served in WW1. Miss you every Christmas Poppie.

Completely amazed at how GREAT this image held up in such low light. Sincerely, the Nokia 1020 mobile phone camera is truly amazing! Just wish they had access to better editing apps!

Hope this boy has a better Christmas Eve now that he and his mom have a new solar @wattsoflove light.

Revolutionary war from within.

Revolutionary war from within.

The moving pathway is about to end.

Had a fantastic day working with @help_portrait over the weekend. Giving and helping others truly is the secret of Christmas. It’s never too late, to take sometime and find an opportunity to help!

Great day today in Chicago shooting for @help_portrait.

This is my second year shooting for
them. If you have never heard of the work that @help_portrait does check it out and get involved! You will be glad you did! I contribute every year and love it.

Thanks @jeremycowart for following your heart, starting help portrait and changing lives!

Perhaps it’s time our own #jj community does a large philanthropy project? Drops me a line if you have an idea or suggestion!

Big shout out to all the Photographers shooting today
Photo by Oscar Guerrero.

Assisting me again this year is the lovely and talented

Shooting today for @help_portrait. If you have never seen this organization please check it out. It’s a fantastic way to give to those in need and use your photography skills for good. Pumped to be taking pictures all day today!

Art you can eat.

Love was not defined or confined by the wheel chair beneath him. @josephkosma

It’s been a difficult and trying time these last few weeks in America.

Heard and excellent teaching today about the power of LIGHT by @jarrettstevens.

It was equally inspiring to see one of Doctor King’s speeches played after Jarrett’s teaching.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Somethings need to be expressed to allow its truth to grow.

Walk in the light

Fully caffeinated.