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We all get into creative ruts. To me at times it feels like a bottomless pit. Sometimes it is harder than other to get out.

Honestly, I have been in a creative rut lately and feeling totally uninspired. Yesterday I decided to break my rut, so I ‘forced’ my to begin thinking creatively and wanted to share a few of the concepts.

1. Sometimes you can’t wait for inspiration to happen! You just have to begin creating and once you begin taking action, inspiration shows up!

2. Whatever might be ‘keeping’ you from being creative or has ‘you down,’ make that issue the subject of your creativity. This approach will help you understand what you are feeling and it will actually help to minimize your negative feelings.

3. Don’t judge your creativity. Analysis is the enemy of creativity.

4. Creativity is not a mathematical equation. Your process can be different every time.

5. Don’t let others tell you that you are ‘doing it wrong’. It’s your process.
Trust it!

6. Obstacle are part of the creative process. It’s not suppose to be easy.
Don’t be afraid to find your voice through fear.

7. We identiy more with people’s failure than their success. Don’t be afraid to share your ‘failures’ when being creative.

8. True creatives don’t create more followers, they create more inspirational leaders!

9. The meaning of life is to find your gifts and talents. The purpose of life is to give them away.

10. Calling yourself a creative by its very definition is a measure of success.

With all of these thoughts in mind, I created this image and want to launch this hashtag


What I would tell my younger self is meant to inspire others and foster creative thinking.

Please consider creating a image and sharing what you have learned about creativity with your ‘younger self’ and me.

Hope you like it and I can’t wait to learn from all of you!


When we are traveling into the uncertain darkness and you fear the future, it is easy to look back and romanticize the past.

Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.

Press into the unknown darkness. It will be worth it!

What do you see?

What do you feel?

And what is your response?

If you tell me your truth, I will share the reality of this moment.

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual.” -Ludwig Von Beethoven
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#LM1Night, #LMmusic

Mom always said don’t play with knives. Guess he didn’t get the memo OR perhaps rules don’t apply when you are a member of the Illinois regiment
Worthingtons company aka,

Some were just designed to walk the earth.

Where dreams are made, lives are saved and suntans are turned to golden-brown. #latergram

Dressed to kill.

“Why would you ever want to photograph me?!” -Anonymous.

I hear this response often and it actually makes me sad.

We are our own worst critics. Our insecurities rise like oil on a hot asphalt street after a cold July rain when we believe we are being evaluated.

As a photographer it’s never my job to judge, it’s my job to record. Yes, it is my perspective on the world and I know that my perspective is filtered through my own life’s experience.

However, after feeling sad when someone says “why would you ever want to photograph me?!” I love meeting the challenge and then showing them the results.

Although not always a ‘beautiful’ or ‘classic’ portrait, I always try and capture a small essence of their truth through my perspective.

After seeing this image he said it was “one of the best pictures” he’d ever seen of himself and smiled.

I hope that truth stays with him for a long time.

A fashionable tie can often answer all of life’s insurmountable questions.
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#LM1Night, #LMmusic

Analysis is the enemy of creativity.

I walked past and saw ‘it’ leap out at me.

I heard the voice that constantly says… “just keep walking! Don’t say anything.” I stopped and tuned in protest.

She withdrew the moment that I originally saw but provided something even more revealing.

Pull up to the window to pick up your order.

Silence always seems to be the hardest word. Lips provided by @cocktails_and_tutus.

The light always confronts the darkness.

Contrast makes life interesting.

#911. So that we may never forget.

Great design begins with a vision that doesn’t fear the unknown.

#LM1Night, #LMmusic

Nice girl, mean legs or warm heart, cold feet?

#LM1Night, #LMmusic

Today was picture day in our offices @watts_of_love!

I love the light from a ‘single source’ beauty-dish for portraits.

Although I was shooting images of our board members, I had to give it a little editorial twist.

Nancy can be seen here holding a picture of the first person to ever receive a Watts of Love solar light!