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HEY YOU DIDN’T you read the sign?

Sign? What sign officer?! I didn’t see any sign!

Some people’s commute to work is better than others!

Very excited about the success of the @beautifulfeetorg editing challenge. I am honored to have had one of my images selected as a finalist. Please head over to @beautifulfeetorg to see all of the great edits and read about this fantastic organization.

Let’s agree to disagree.

Rodger tower. We are clear for take off!

Thunder Dome. “Two men enter one man leaves.”

Wait for it, wait for it, now! The shot everyone takes with a little twist.

Great evening tonight. Got to catch up with some old friends and meet a few new great ones. It was also really nice to get to know @jeddjedd on this trip. He is a great person and I am really glad he won the new FIAT 500L. Thanks @fiatusa loved my time at the @usopensurf

Let’s talk about a subject that NO one likes to talk about… ENVY!

We all struggle with envy at times and we all deal with it in different ways. I have learned it is way better to acknowledge my envy by embracing it and then allowing it to motivate me rather then denying it. Difficult yes but, is really has it’s benefits.

I am at the @usopenofsurf for a few days. I got up really early today so I could get out and shoot a few surf and beach shots. When I got to the beach their were a least 100 photographers shooting with huge 300mm, 600mm and even 1200mm lenses all over the place!

I know some of this gear can cost as much as a sports car but I will admit, I was really envious!

Man, “I want to rock one of those huge lenses and catch some killer surf shots!” As I grew more and more envious and calculate if I was fast enough to “borrow” one of these huge lenses without the owner knowing as he sipped his morning coffee, I decided to take a more rational, legal and creative choice.

I decide I would use my envy and create with it. I would “use” his 600mm lens in my mobile camera shot, write about my feelings and share my experience.

Man, that felt good to write! I think I just felt a little green envy monster jump off my back. Phewwww!

Anyone else want to share how they used their envy in a positive and creative way?

Early morning gold rush.

From 2:00 high, with the sun in their eyes, he gave it his best try only to be another passer bye!

The kiss of death welcomed them into a watery grave and their love was immortalized by their selfish choices.

Today I was invitee by @davidjcrewe and the @phlearn team to attend #thewildones2014 workshop in Chicago.

I can sincerely tell you that their approach to teaching, community, photography and sharing is truly inspirational and very special!

Not only are they great people and teachers but they are all really super talented! Please check their feeds as I know you will love their work!
@robwoodcox @joelrobison @shanemichaelblack @sarahannloreth.

Great spending the day with you guys! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Although I was the only one rocking it with a camera phone, it was so great to see so many people passionate about photography and collaboration. The day kind reminded me of my old magazine days and creating editorial features!

Thanks for collaborating with me @yoursarahjane. You rocked this pic.

Who doesn’t like a great adventure? Everyone does but, few take the risk, or have the courage to take the first step. Plus, most quit when it gets hard.

This is my new friend @joehaggard and he is the MOST courageous person I have yet to meet on @instagram and the #jj community.

When I posted that I wanted to find four individual to shoot video in each of the cities we were visiting during our @fiatusa Open Road Challenge, Joe contacted me right away! This was our conversation.
JOE. I want to travel with you guys on the entire 1600 mile road trip!

KEVIN: I really can’t pay for your expense, hotels, food, gas, etc.

JOE: I know. I want in.

KEVIN: Okay! But, I really can’t pay you a big fee and that is a heck of a long trip!

JOE: I know. I know!! I just want in.

KEVIN: Ahhh, man are you a little unstable or nuts?

JOE: No. I just love adventures and something amazing is happening in this #jj community and I want to document it all!

KEVIN: How long have you been a jjer?

JOE: Only a few weeks.

KEVIN: You sure your not NUTS?

I will be posting several of Joes killer video clips today so everyone can see the amazing adventures we all shared. #fiatorc.

Please stop by @joehaggard feed give him some big time praise!

Plus you will get to see a pretty funny clip of @joshjohnson dancing. Trust me it’s bad!

Thanks Joe for reminding me that with great risk also comes great reward!

50 shades of gray.

Have you ever had a cut or major wound on your feet? It’s one of the most painful places to be injured! Plus, unless you stay off your feet it takes a long time to heal!

Happy, safe, clean, protected feet make people smile!

Children and adults can not reach their full potential without shoes. Yes, shoes!

Shoes allow children to walk to school, gather clean drinking water, run from trouble and most importantly keep them safe from injury!

Please consider visiting @beautifulfeetorg and my friend @calebdawson feed to learn more about this great organization and their worthy mission! #beautifulfeetcomp.

Submission for @beautifulfeetorg.

Like this kite, someone’s life can soar when you provide even the smallest lift.

Kites can not fly without wind. Children can not reach their full potential without shoes. Yes, shoes!

Shoes allow children to walk to school, gather clean drinking water, run from trouble and most importantly keep them safe from injury!

Please consider visiting @beautifulfeetorg and my friend @calebdawson feed to learn more about this great organization and their worthy mission! #beautifulfeetcomp

High grass.

Aged to perfection.

This is the best school entrance door I have ever seen. Talk about inspiring creativity!

At the intersection of form, chaos and clouds.

Needle in a urban hay stack. Can’t wait to return to find you this month.

Got a great email today from one of the families that received a @watts_of_love light saying how much their solar light has helped them in so many ways! #Feeling_grateful_tonight

Just thinking about those affected by Typhoon Rammasun and the people we previous helped on our last few trips to the Philippines.

My sister is currently in Manila right now delivering lights for @watts_of_love.

Thankfully, the typhoon this year was not as devastating and strong. My sister did say she has never experienced such “crazy, powerful winds!” That is saying a lot because we live in the Windy City!

Be safe Nancy. You and the all the people are on our minds in our prayers.

I thought I saw a pyramid scheme?!

Fun is where you find it.

Cowboy ti tac toes.

Chains can not hold love or a marriage together. In fact, placing chains on either will ensure their death.

Only freedom and the willingness to let go truly allows love and marriage the chance to grow as it was designed and intended.

The greatest gift that we were ever given was the gift of freewill. Yet, it is also this great gift that destroys so much.

Urban imitation irrigation limitations.

What you talking about Willis?

Still the Sears to me!