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When I walked into the highschool sewing class at Kinyago-Dandora, I actually had to stop and let my eyes adjust to the darkness.

When my eyes did finally adjust, I saw several children sewing in darkness.

Sewing is a great trade that can support these children the reset of their lives, however I can’t imaging learning how to sow in the dark.

The sowing room has no window light or power. The machines are run by foot petal an are too valuable to be in a room with windows do to theft.

Look at this boys face when we asked him how better it was to sow wearing a @watts_of_love headlamp. His smile was just beautiful.

The nonverbal communication in this image is just so wonderful to me.

Although I wanted to photograph both of these cooks in action in their environment, however, the minute I pulled out my camera, this is the pose that they took.

So formal, humble and reverent yet, some how, so uncomfortable.

Together, these two cooks provide the only means of nutrition that the students of Kinyago-Dandora are guaranteed to receive for the day.

They are the true unsung heroes of approximately 650 students, who are fed twice daily while pursuing their education through the Kenya Children’s Fund.

These are just some of the amazing folks I met in my last trip with @watts_of_love.

BIG wheel keeps on turning.

How could I not take this photo?

Styles change. Sex is forever.

Shaved my head for the first time 14 years ago. I can honestly say this is one style that hasn’t changed.

I snapped this shot Christopher Bonanos a.k.a. @polaroidland as he sat in the famous Edwin Land chair at the Polaroid museum @polaroidfotobar in Las Vegas. That is Edwin’s portrait behind him.

For those of you who don’t know, Edwin Land is the man who invented Polaroid and single handedly changes photography forever.

Christopher wrote the premier book on Polaroid called INSTANT: THE POLAROID STORY. Check it out if you are a fan!

It’s often been said that Paris is the center of fashion. Does this mean that terminal 3 at the Chicago O’hare AirPort is the epicenter?

This is Oscar.

Oscar is kind of like the fifth Beetle for #jj.

Oscar a.k.a. @oquay has been the designer behind every Mosaic project our #jj community has ever created. What Mozart did with musical notes, Oscar paints with our instagram pictures by creating the most amazing mosaics.
Unlike any other I have ever met, his designs are always engaging, visually stimulating and truly a work of art. Great to finally meet you in person my friend.

Thank you Oscar and everyone at the @sextans team for your fantastic work.

To me portrait a that only deals with appearance is a one dimensional photo.

To create a memorable portrait you need to try and reveal some of the secret that all subjects have hidden behind their eyes.

It was a great pleasure to be asked to suggest the theme for the fourth contest on #PORTRAITS

The contest is run at, where you would have to upload your picture. The weekly winner will be granted with 50 #picbloc’s by @picglaze and will be in the race for the final $100,000.

Planes, trains and automobiles to get home today.

Leaving Las Vegas in a few hours but before I left, I went over to the Polaroid Museum one last time and photographed as many of the vintage Polaroid cameras as I could get my hands on!

Such an inspiring three days at @polaroidfotobar. I have totally fallen back in love with Polaroid film again and can’t want to break some of my 669 Polaroid film stash that I stored away years ago!

Thanks to the entire staff at @polaroidfotobar. It was a great event and I am so thrilled to have some of my personal images hanging in the museum!

Special thanks to @dgquint for honoring me as one of the Polaroid Museum Founders. I am truly humbled.


Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task if the sculptor to discover it. —Michelangelo


Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task if the sculptor to discover it. —Michelangelo

Good night Vegas.

Alan, is there a tiger in the bathroom? #onlyinvegas

Worked on a collaboration with Andy Warhol last night at the @polaroidfotobar grand opening.
Although Andy had never seen an iPhone camera, he was very, very gracious, stood around entire evening and even allowed me to photograph him!

Although he didn’t talk to a single person at the party, just his presence alone was exciting and set a great tone for the event.

Thanks Andy for giving me my 15 minutes of fame and letting me take your portrait.

Hope you like the shot Andy. #iwish

Taking it all in at the Polaroid Museum. The #jj, @polaroidfotobar mosaic is breathtakingly beautiful!

I thought my plane ticket said Las Vegas, not the Red Planet.

Honestly wonder what made Bugsy Siegel see this place in 1928 and say “yep this is it! Start building here!” #vegasbabyvegas

Little behind the scenes on our @polaroidfotobar and #jj community collage project. See you tonight in Las Vegas!

It’s dark, my bags are packed, my mobile phone is fully charged and I am getting ready to fly to Las Vegas!

So excited to be attending the grand opening at @polaroidfotobar and the reveal of our amazing #jj community collaborative mural and storytellers project.

I am so proud of this project and there are so many people to thank!

I especially want to thank everyone that contributed an image. You are the heart and soul of this project and none if it would be possible with out you!

I also want to thank two people that have been my “behind the scenes brothers-in-arms and helped us get this project off the ground, on track, delivered and installed @dgquint and @oquay! You rock guys!

Now, I just have to make sure @joshjohnson make his flight to Las Vegas!

To live a creative life you must lose the fear of being told you are doing it the wrong way.

Similarly, when trying to capture memorable portraits you sometimes need to take risks by coaxing your subject into revealing a truly authentic moment.

Taking someone’s portrait is sometimes unnatural and subjects often project false expressions in these moments.

To me, when I shoot portraits, it’s more important to capture what a person “feels like” than capturing what they look like.
This involves the psychology of photography and has nothing to do with shutter speeds, apertures or what kind if camera you use.

I find that the environment you create between each each snap is critical. Really connecting with your subject and getting them to trust you with an authentic expression is the most important element to shooting great portraits. This kind of authentic trust can really only be established before you shooting and in-between clicks of the shutter.

Yes, you need to have a good working knowledge of photography skills, however, don’t forget that the person in front of you camera and what they bring to the image is as equally important.

Portraits is the fourth contest on You submit and tag your #portraits images on their website. It’s very easy to sign up and participate.

The weekly winner will be granted with 50 #picbloc’s by @picglaze and will be in the race for the final $100,000.

Thanks for asking me to be apart of your movement @igersgallery.

The rescue.…………………………………………………… iPhone, image captured with @covrphoto #covr.

If I only knew then what I know now about photo sharing.

Found this little blast from the past in box of photos yesterday.

When I was working at Playboy Magaine, this was our version of @instagram before there was @instagram.

1995 disposal camera that was mailed to anyone one who wanted to submit images for the 40 anniversary search.

Complete directions on the back on how to take a “selfie” before there was a selfie.

How to take a picture with your playmate camera.
•turn advance wheel till it stops.
•use flash indoors or outdoors in low light.
•to take picture, press and hold flash button.
•when ready, light will start to blink, continue to hold in flash button while gently pressing the shutter release.
•when using flash stand 3-10ft away from subject.
•outdoors, stand at least 3ft from your subject with sun behind you.
•after taking picture, turn advance wheel until the letter “e” appears in exposure counter.
•After taking your photographs return this camera to you photo retailer for processing.
•24 exposures.
•ISO 400/27°. And now back to the present! Wow.

It was a great pleasure to be asked to suggest the theme for the fourth contest on #PORTRAITS

The contest is run at, where you would have to upload your picture. The weekly winner will be granted with 50 #picbloc’s by @picglaze and will be in the race for the final $100,000.

Thanks @igers,
@igerschicago and @igersusa and @philgonzalez, for always being so supportive and building such great communities!

When shooting portraits remember to shoot what people “feel like not just what they look like!”

The Wright influence.


Curve ahead.


As pastors and people begin to finalize their plans for Easter tomorrow, I am reminded of Pastor Dennis Mendoza at Madridejos Bethel Church, Bantayan Island. When I was there last November after typhoon #Yolanda destroyed his church, I was so amazed at his unwavering dedication to his people and his message of hope!
Even though his church was completely destroyed and they were forced to have services under the remaining broken walls, twisted metal bars and blue plastic tarps, he kept saying “God will provide and He will light the way for our recovery!” He was a perfect candidate for one of our @watts_of_love lights.

Days later as I was driving by at night, I saw him in the church after a long day of rebuilding holding the light and comforting one of his parishioners.

This Easter, please remember the best way to give thanks for all that you have freely received is to give back to those that need your help. “Give as freely as you have received.” Mathew 10:8.

If would like to donate to our mission of light, love and hope please go to @watts_of_love and click the link in our profile. It’s quick and easy and your donation changes lives.

Not the end of the world but you can see it from here.