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If you live in Miami, please come and check the class out. Or please consider tagging anyone you know living around the Miami area to help spread the word. Thanks for having me talk and teach @polaroidfotobar! Can’t wait to see your store and print up a few of my shots from last weeks @macworldexpo instameet.

Great architecture is like frozen music.

The perfect back drop for a group instameet shot.

Thanks @davidwelsh @iphoneps, Egmont van Dyck, Zerbo Spike. Great waking the street of China town with you!

Worship at the house of Apple

“I been a photographer my entire life. I shoot black and white but sell mostly color.” He grimaced when I asked to take his pic

Not every thinks San Francisco is a treat.

Close encounter.

Track lighting.

Searching for Ichabod Crane.

Think different.

Just got done listening to @jackhollingsworth speak at @mobilemasters seminar.

Perhaps one of the best speakers I have ever heard on mobile photography!

If you don’t know Jack, please go introduce yourself now. You can also follow Jack’s great insights and mobile tips on his twitter account @photojack. Fantastic stuff!

My work with @watts_of_love in Dandora Kenya was recently featured in a new really cool Magaine called LIKES @likesmagazine.

This issue takes a look at the most vulnerable people in the world and is a tribute to authors and photographers on Instagram who approach these people and their stories with respect. The features in this issue make us feel and discover images with the realities of those living amid the shouts and silence.

I realize my images and work on @instagram isn’t always easy to view and might not get a lot of “likes or followers” however giving a voice to the voiceless is way more important to me.

Thanks to those who take the journey with me. Please check out this special issue.

Thanks to editors @salvadorbruno @violaondariva

Mentor dreams, big imaginations and their lives will be filled with joy!

As schools gets ready to close in the USA for spring break, I was reminded of this grade school on Bantayan Island.

Every classroom I entered had their roofs ripped off, desks blown away and all of their books and supplies destroyed.

When typhoon #Yolanda began hitting the island, hundreds of people ran to the school for protection and looked to the principal to lead them.

The principle told me that once she got everyone into the strongest structures available, they sat in complete darkness and waited to see if they would survive the night. Terrifying.

The words on the wall next to the backboard read…Core Values, Respect, Accountability, Competence.

I have nothing but respect for this principals bravery and courage to be such a strong leader durning that time of tragedy.

Some days I do really suck as a photographer, writer, creative, and storyteller. And the worst part about it is… I know it.

Every artist struggles at times with their art and asks “what are they really contributing” or if they have any talent at all. I unfortunately am no different.

Today, as I look at images from a resent shooting, I know I failed. I didn’t get it right.

Although we all have doubts, most keep coming back and endure the creative struggle. We reach down deep inside and believe we have something to offer or a story to tell the world.

Sometimes it takes us longer to come back and begin the process again but, is it the struggle that makes us better?

Charlie Chaplin once famously said “Actors search for rejection. If they don’t get it they reject themselves.” When I heard this quote, I wondered how true is this statement?

So here is my question…Do we need rejection to make ourselves better as creatives?

Look forward to reading your answers. Sincerely #todayIsuckasaphotographer.

One year later I showed up to surprise the this mother in law to be from last years 40 couple group wedding on Iling Island.

Last year she refused to smile because as she said “she was chewing tobacco” plus she would not come out of her hut because she “didn’t have on a pretty dress.” I wasn’t convinced.

I was thinking that perhaps I would be able to get a smile out of her this year by presenting her with last years pre-wedding photo.

Man was I wrong!

Giving a light to this grandmother who is currently raising 10 grand-children all by herself was one of the most meaningful and humbling experience of my life.

As a parent, I know how difficult it can be to care for your children. I only have one son and I can’t imagine what it is like to be a grandparent and have 10 mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and the pressure of providing for them everyday.

This is Manang. She is the local midwife on Iling Island and has been delivering babies by candle light for well over 30+ years. She was thrilled to receive her new @watts_of_love solar light. With a big laugh she said she has “yet to meet a baby she could help bring into this world!” What an amazing and beautiful women she was. Everyone on the team loved her. Image by @digitaleyesightsphotography. Edit by me.

The Kenya Cup Challenge.

Often the alleys of Dandora are lined with rows and rows of recently hand washed clothes now hanging out to dry.

Since I began traveling to poverty stricken areas I look at my washer and dryer in a completely different fashion! #grateful

Sounds under the tracks.

Another epic battle between the light and darkness.

Shot this really #lowlight image on the new 1020 Nokia. The low light capabilities of this camera are truly spectacular and there is almost no noise in the shadows!

I wrote a longer review in a previous post if you want to read more about the @nokia. The post is an image of a small boy sitting by a single candle. Love this camera #LumialLowLight #NokiaLowLight #Lumia1020

Floppy Disc?


Ain’t nothing floppy about them.

Rocking it old school today and unearthing some historic and funny content. #holycrap

Using my DSLR as a decoy while snapping shots with my iPhone.

When in was in the Dandora Dump sites with armed guards, I was informed that I should not take photos unless given permission. Everyone accept a little girl said no. A very frustrating turn of events.

Desperate, I finally decided to hang my DSLR camera around my neck as a decoy and snap images with my iPhone.

I placed my iPhone in a free hand and crossed my arms across my chest. As I walked with the camera “click” sound off, I snapped images by using the volume button to trigger the camera to fire.

Although the results are hit and miss, you really only need one good photo. Here is my one good photo!

To me, this man looks like a “concurring king” atop of his treasures!

The Dandora Dump sites are a tragic and haunting place that I shall never forget.

Their songs filled our heart with joy as they sang and danced for us. The school at Kinyago-Dandora truly is a magical place.

It was really great to watch them perform and know each child was going to receive a new @watts_of_love solar light.


Ining island version of the movie Stand By Me.

Morning coffee break at the Dandora Garbage dumps.

I found it fascinating that even at the garbage dumps there are behaviors and characteristics that you would see at an major business or company.

After sifting through the trash all morning, this boy takes a “coffee and bread” break with several other boys.

Despite their current working environment, each person on “break” laughed, sipped coffee and discussed various topics and just like any job I had experienced.

This is Gina and to me she is the original @instagram queen.

Gina has owned an Italian Ice store in Brywn IL for 30+ years. It is a tradition for customers to bring in and pin images on the walls of her store!

This is the best looking “real feed” of vintage images I have ever seen!

Using a recipe she learned back in Italy when she was a little girl, she started making Italian Ice by hand.

Spring is almost here and I can’t wait to visit Gina’s place again. And yes, I will be bringing in a printed photo to post.

I have just been given 10 tickets that are “buy one get one free” specifically for the jj community to this years Macwold/iWorld conference.

The first 10 people that Direct Message or email me at will get two tickets for the price of one. That is a $300 savings! Heck, now you can use the money you save to buy cool stuff at the conference.

Not able to attend the conference but know someone in California? Tag them on this post and they can win!

The Macwold/iWorld conference is
March 27-29, San Francisco, CA. I will be speaking on photography, the jj community and my work with @watts_of_love on March 26th at the @mobilemasters event.

Anyone up for a #jj community instameet in while I am in San Francisco?

While I was on Iling Island with @watts_of_love, I was so thankful that for the first time I had a @lifeproof case on my iPhone.

Having a 100% waterproof case on my camera made shots like this possible! It also allowed me to take images and video completely submerged under water!

I will sincerely NEVER travel on trip with out one!

I totally recommend that you purchase one today if you want to photos and videos where you did not think possible! And no, I am not being paid by lifeproof. Just spreading some big love and advice to my fellow mobile photography junkies.

Anyone want to meet me at a pool, lake, tub, car wash or ocean?