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Walking the red carpet home alone.

Few see what they should acknowledge with their own eyes, understand what motivates their actions or how to read the heart of another.

Jane’s Addiction concert for 20th Anniversary at Jimmy Kimmel Live! Perry Ferrell, Dave Navarro and the boys still get it done!

Back stage with Jimmy as he introduces Jane’s Addiction. Amazing show and concert!

Going to an old friends show to laugh and catch up tonight. Never stops being strange and exciting to see how far some go when they set their goals, work hard and take full advantage of their talents! Way Go Jimmy!! Looking forward to the show.

What mask in life are you wearing that you should remove?

Another image I shot at the @dosequis @redeye Masquerade Ball. I gotta say that this event got my brain spinning with creative ideas and a few new editing approaches. @redeyechicago @tribevents #StayThristy.

The moving walk way is about to end and your acid trip will now begin. Cue Pink Floyd, and release you mind.

Exotic pets for kids. Whatever happened to the simple goldfish in a bowl that dies after a few weeks?

Some faces are made to be captured.

This GoGo dance at the @dosequis Masquerade Ball looked like a porcelain sculpture. She couldn’t believe I was covering the assignment with just my iPhone. Hope she likes the resulting image. What do you think?

You can see more of my shots on the @dosequis IG feed. #StayThiristy my friends.

You know you have hit the pinnacle of pop culture fame when you get your own Chia Pet statue! #crazy

Interior design inspired by the game Connect Four. Your move…

Where millions live and most feel alone.

Last night I had a great project photographing the Dos Equis & Red Eye Masquerade. The event was off the hook with some of Chicago’s finest dressed in costumes and masks. There were snakes, huge lizards, GoGo dancers, a pumping dance floor and I was there to capture it all on my mobile phone camera.

Yep, shooting in very low club lighting was a challenge but, man I pushed this camera to the limit! Kinda made me feel like the most interesting man/photographer at the party. No photo gear envy here.

Several of my photos will be posting at @dosequis soon so please check them out. While you are there, tell @dosequis that @kevinkuster said hey.

Thanks @dosequis and #StayThristy my friends.

Take the money and run.

Seems like yesterday that we took to the road on our #jj and @FIATusa road trip.

Funny how some images strike you as posting worth as time passes. I now consider this image an all time classic!
Think I am gonna stroll down the old #jj road trip memory lane and post a few more. Hope you enjoy the flash back.

Good morning Jack Frost.

Apparently, Luca Brasi isn’t the only one that sleeps with the fishes.

My muse opens every creative doorway and I just follow in obedience.

The El Mariachi roams from town to town leaving only behind dust from their trail and a song hanging in the air.

A boy meets a girl 51 years ago.

They fall in love, get married, rise 3 children, 9 grand children, share many great times, laugh often, hold each other when struggles happen, argue fairly, put the others first, pray together, don’t sweat the small stuff, trust, ask for forgiveness, receive forgiveness, embrace unexpected blessings and tell each other with their words and action I love you often.

Thanks mom and dad for all that you have done for our family. Happy 51st anniversary! You are and have always been the example of how to make a marriage, family and life successful and loving.

Great video to inspire you and get your thinking about you own work.

You cannot use up all your creativity so let it flow freely.

Creativity is like the human muscular system. The more you exercise your creativity the stronger it becomes, the quicker it responds and the faster it recovers from being torn down.

It is in this “tear down and build up” process, that muscles become stronger and stronger.

@littlecoal, although I am sorry your muse, the #littlecoalshouse was torn down yesterday, I can’t wait to see what grows out of this destruction, not only in your photographic life but, also on this hallowed IG plot of earth.

Be looking for the new door that will open soon!

Some assembly required is code for “get ready to embed a hammer into your skull in frustration!” Happy Monday everyone.


Ironed flat.

Outtake from Winky shooting today.

To live a creative life you must get over the fear of hearing the words you are doing it the wrong way. Wish I heard that from one teacher when I was in school. – kuster




Never bored since the gram is always just a click away #jj_instameet_detroit.

After declaring he would not chop down the cherry tree, @yomap takes a monumental photo. I know, I know very punny. #jj_instameet_dc