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I have a few thoughts to say about the #kevin_gets_face lift challenge.

One, if I ever had any ego it is all gone!! Two, you are some incredibly talented people.

Win $100 iTunes gift card donated @jj_texttypographical in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

Final edits do July 3rd.

You can see complete rules in the original post earlier in the feed. Download the Hi Res image in the link in the bio above.

Here are a few images to get your creative juices going. In no particular order.

Top row: @kellyripper, @shellibean1162, @marieluise815.

Middle row: @relzie, @franknocode, @torunnb_ud.

Bottom row: @robertstevens, @tompicmaker, @sjw3125.

As an added #jj learning bonus (if you like) , please write how you created you edit and tag @jj_tutorials so we can all learn. This step is not mandatory to be eligible to win.

Keep submitting and thanks for helping in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

Cloudy with a chance of cauliflower. (at Innersection of strange and funny.)

The other night I was awakened by the sound of a sudden CRACK, POP, RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP.

I looked around, was unable to discover the source and went back to bed. When my iPhone alarm didn’t go off my investigation let me to discover the source of the sound durning the night!

I have never heard of an over-heating and exploding battery but, that is exactly what happened.

Goodbye back-up 3Gs iPhone. You introduced me to mobile photography. Yes, your picture quality was crap and not enough storage space but, you were kinda like my first kiss. Although awkward and not entirely romantic we all have to take our first step into the unknown.

Thanks for the memories 3Gs and my you enjoy your new cyber life on the other side.

A quiet trumpet slowly plays “TAPS” in the background and the picture fades to black.

I am not a smoker so please help me understand WHY I had to stop late at night and pull around to photograph this bizarre yet fascinating smokers dive through cigarette store? (at Drive Thru Cigarettes)

Old school Holga film camera meets new school iPhone.

Kinda like the Capulet’s and the Montague’s meet and make peace. (at Creator Gallery)

@jasonpeterson in color!

I had a great time shooting with @jasonmpeterson @littlecoal and @ryanpostel this past Saturday. What I love about instameets is that you get to see how different people shoot the same situation with totally different perspectives and feels to their images.

If you take a look at @littlecoal feed you will see the B&W of the behind the scenes of this images. If you look at @joshjohnsons feed you will see the color version of this image being taken. And finally if you look at @jasonmpeterson feed you can see the images he created of @littlecoal moments before I took his portrait.

Wow confused yet? Well just look at both of feeds and you will see what i am talking about. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if @ryanpostel has something entirely different from this same situation yet to post. (at Under the bridge)

The internal carotid artery seen here is responsible for supplying 80% of the blood supply to the city of Chicago’s cerebrum. (at Inside the city)

Mr. Black and White @jasonmpeterson leaping tall building, exploring dark tunnels to keep IGERs entertained. (at Canal street)

@littlecoal at his new Chicago #littlecoalshouse (at Little Coals Chicago House)

The power to connect. In the last year I have learned the power of mobile of photography, Instagram and social media.

For the first time yesterday I had the opportunity to meet in person and talk it up with @littlecoal @ivanvega @jbcopeland. Really great people and all talented photographers. Check their feeds out if you haven’t get.

Today meeting up with @ryanpostel and @jasonmpeterson to continue then Little Coal Chicago weekend invasion. Looks like today’s shots will have a damp and rainy theme!

Bad news I only took one picture the entire time yesterday. I have a hard time talking and taking pictures.
(at Back Alley behind the Lodge)

What I love about photography is that in this fast paced world the still photograph forces us to STOP and observe a singular particular moment in time.

Although I love motion video and film, to me photographs are much more memorable in capturing singular moments in time.

Think back to anytime on your life or historical event since the beginning of photography and you see a single image or images in your minds eye.

To me it is often okay to mix mediums in any art from, however it is equally true that keeping things separated provides sincere benefit as well.

Ultimately, I believe it is best to let the view/user/consumer and artist the opportunity to choose to create as well as view videos on Instagram.

However,@instagtam please consider adding a feature where I can remove video from my feed if it is my desire. This feature will allow me to only view the photograph on Instagram that forces me to stop daily and view the world in a singular caught moment of time.

Sincerely @kevinkuster (at Creator Gallery)

“The long draw.”

This is an image I shot of a homeless man Peter and wanted to submit this for a funny and great new #jj anarchy feed I just love and saw today @jj_beardgang. So many creative #jj anarchy feeds.

Can’t wait till I see @joshjohnson so I can take a proper portrait of him and submitted. He had quite the big beard last time I saw him.

Did anyone create a #jj_bald or #jj_shavedheads that I can submit too? If not I am starting one. Who’s with me? @ivanvega, @614scottsmith, @jpcaruso, @vaderbreath, @jasonmpeterson. And yes Jason you are close enough to join the club

If this is what a cornfield looks like what does a candy-cornfield look like? Up and running early today. (at Candy Cornfield)

Don’t tell him he missed a spot.

My father durning his high school football years. When he asked his Highschool football coach if he could be one of the few players that receive a face-mask on his leather helmet he was told “you aren’t good looking enough to earn one!” He was a starting guard on the offensive line and played all four years without a face-mask.Talk about tough!

Thanks for always being there for me dad and smashing through any obstacle to provide for your family. Thank you for teaching me the important of honestly, integrity, hard word, dedication and that a man’s word is his bond. Happy Father’s Day! All my love. Kevin

The regal musician who sings ballads of old. (at Naper Settlement)

Tagged and hung out to dry. (at Club Foot)

Interaction. (at Moose Heart Field)

My good IG friend @chrisgru asked me if I would edit this image of his child. Chris is an outstanding photographer and editor. Check his feed out, you will be impressed. Don’t know if I improved this wonderful image or not but, honored that you asked me Chris.

And the answer is…

Most creative answer wins a prize.

Curve ahead. (at Hamburger University – McDonald’s Corporation)

Found art! So stoked about my resent junk yard scavenger hunt.

I found two signs from a major store chain going out of business and I was able to create this sign with the remaining salvaged letters. I will be relighting it and hanging it today.

Can anyone tell me the name of the retail company who’s sign it was?

I am a Ford not a Lincoln. (at Village of Maple Park)

Although I posted a sitting shot from this series of images yesterday, that pose doesn’t reflect the true personality and energy of my best friend.

He is loving, kind hearted, funny, very smart, challenging, always running, jumping and asking a lot of questions. To say he has a TON of energy is an understatement.

Most importantly, he has made me a better man. I love you son and I am so proud of you.

P.S. While I was writing this comment he said…”Dad are you wearing cologne?” Why asked. “Because you smell really good. Kinda like Christmas!”
(at Shady Hill Nursery)

Who you calling yellow?


Let’s get ready to rumble!

Please vote. 1 or 2. (at Village of Maple Park)

This one’s too small. This one’s too big. This one’s just right.

Talk about specific demographics.

New #SanPaulo HipstaPak. Love the skin tones it captures.

The Scottish plumber. Yes this is 100%real.

I was driving to the studio today and jus had to stop and photograph this man the moment I saw him routing a sewer line in his kilt!

Not only does the outfit look good but, no need to worry about plumber’s crack. Classic.

Keep up the great work Derek and thanks for allowing me to take your picture! “The pipes are calling!”

D Day. June 6th 1944. “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you are NOT close enough.” –Robert Capa.

On this day at this hour 69 years ago several thousand brave young men from The United States, Britain, and Canada began crossing the English Channel to storm the Beaches of Normandy. They would hit the beaches at 5:30 am.

The quite coast line of France would never be the same and thousands would lose their lives. Although we know the outcome today, victory was not certain and the gamble was huge!

This post is in honor of the ONLY photographer that stormed Omaha Beach with the front line troops that day, Robert Capa.

If you haven’t read the story of the Magnificent Eleven Photos take by Robert Capa that day you should! I have provide the link in my bio above and it is worth reading.

Imagine risking you life and having all but eleven images DESTROYED!

I can only image if Instagram were around 69 years ago. Robert would have been taking cover in a bombed-out, wet fox hole, ducking machine gun fire and cannon blasts while holding his mobile phone above cover to increase his signal strength to get more bars so he could post.

Thank you Robert for being the first war corespondent and risking your life so we would have a record of that day and your eleven amazing photographs.

The main force of troops were also supported by the Free French Forces, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal Norwegian Navy and the free Polish Army. Several hundred women were also present in supporting roles on ships. Thank you one and all.

We must always remember our past so we never repeat it again. (at North Ave Pier)