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Old world craftsmanship is something that can’t be purchased at a “big box discount store.” They just don’t make them like they use too. (at St. Stanislaus Kostka)

iSon, holding iPad, being shot by iPhone…icaramba! (at Creator Gallery)

Last night about 150 people attended @creatorgallery’s charity event for @watts_of_love. I want to thank everyone that supported the event and came out for a great night of music, dance, food, photography and philanthropy!

We are getting closer to our goal to send a shipment of solar panel lights to Mozambique Africa! @watts_of_love has partnered with Iris Ministries in Mozambique and they will be helping Iris Ministries with their widows and orphans program.

Light = LIFE. (at Creator Gallery)

Big night at Creator Gallery! Light Up a Life Charity Event with Watts of Love. To check our more information go to Wattsoflove(dot)org.

Coffee time. (at Hampton Inn & Suites Aurora)

The other day I has the sincere pleasure of teaching tomorrows Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Robert Cappa, James Natchewy @terryrichardsonstudio, @walteriooss and Gordon Parks just to name a few.

To teach young people the power and joy of photography, story telling and how to express their unique vision is such a great blessing and responsibility.

I highly encourage everyone that loves photography to try and mentor or encourage someone in the visual arts so they capture their spark and tell tomorrow’s stories.

Thank you to all the great photographers that went before me and inspired me in my unique journey.

Hey Cub Scouts…can’t wait to see your images in a few weeks and hang them on @creatorgallery’s walls. Thanks for initiating a great Boy Scout program @say_cheez!

Manila mayhem! After providing some of the local islanders with solar lights on Ilian Island that have no electricity with @watts_of_love, it was so strange to then see power lines like this on the mainland in Manila. Some have so little while others have so much. (at Kitchen of love)

You can say that again. @say_cheez (at Creator Gallery)

Thought a lot about this young couple I was fortunate enough to photograph on their wedding day on Ilian Island in February.

40 couples married in one ceremony that we all too poor to get married! None of the couples married could afford the $40 state license fee, rings, wedding clothes etc.

I was so lucky to photograph all of these couples and give them their FIRST printed photograph of their lives.

Hope to see them again soon and continue our Wedding Day Gift Giving Program with @watt_of_love.

Please note the mother-in-law who would not come out of the hut because she “didn’t have a pretty dress.” She also refused to smile because she was chewing tobacco.

It was a little over one year ago when I purchased a iPhone 4s and started shooting mobile images after being inspired by a @koci video.

Since that time I have found a passion for photography that had all but died. Because of this new passion, I was hired as the Chief Editor for the best and largest photo community 305,000 members on instagram, #JJ community @joshjohnson.

Traveled to Brazil to speak at a mobile photography conference @planetagram. Write for Joanne Carter @theappwhisper. Was interviewed by @kwiki for @wearejuxt and @lcrabbe for @dprconnect. Shot a 40 couple wedding on Ilian island for @watts_of_love. Have a mobile photography book deal. Sold more personal photo of my work then anytime in my life and most importantly have met some fabulous photographers and wonderful friends!

Who knew what a profound effect this little mobile camera phone would have on my life.

9000 thank you’s to everyone that has helped me and followed me on this amazing journey.

Can’t wait to see what another year brings.

Threee of a kind.

To the spelling police that sometimes feel the need to note typo’s that can’t be corrected after posting on Instagram…Yes, I know I spelled it with three e’s. #irony (at Yorktown Mall)

Mother’s little helper (at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)

The repaired version. (at Division Street Bridge)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. (at Graffiti Alley)

Future war corespondent in the making.

Look out James Nachtey! I know your are one of the best all time photographers, however, I would like you to meet your replacement.

(Now if you would only open an Instagram account you could see this picture.) (at Creator Gallery)

The ashes still smolder, the smoke still rises and life begins again. (at Lacey creek )

How does one capture an amazing sunset while driving in the opposite direction?

Note to self…this was a bad idea!

Think before you respond next time so you can live to see another sunset. (at Life is a Highway)

Charging in where others fear to go. (at Lacey creek )

Well it’s official I have been “fired” and @Watts_of_love and I hired two people that submitted through Instagram and the #jj community.

How amazing is that! I posted something on Sunday night and now there are two people traveling to the Philippines to help some of the poorest people in the world, distribute 1000 solar lights and capture the entire story to help promote this incredible need.

The person shooting video is @kcboyd1. I have hired thousands of people over my career 20 year career and although Kaitlynn is just getting her career going, I can honestly say she is going to be a power-house in the industry. This girl MOVED MOUNTAINS to get on this project and convinced us she was the person we had to select.

What she might lack in experience she more then makes up for it in desire, determination, passion and a complete “can do” attitude!

Please follow @watts_of_love and @kcboyd1 to see her posts as she travels to the Philippines and Ilian Island. Your comments will truly be needed to help her and the crew.

Next up…our new @watts_of_love photographer!

“If everything seems under control you are not going fast enough!”
—Mario Andretti

A mans quest and attraction for speed begins at an early age. (at Go! Toys and Games)