Monthly Archives: March 2012

the golden rule

april showers

morning fog

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wonderfully simply display of talent.

photography displayed by: Chicago Sun Time Gallery 360.
photo credit: NOT IDENTIFIED.
How can a newspaper not credit the photographer?
“sweetness as pop art” by: kevin kuster and unknown.

Art is all around us waiting to be discovered by someone with vision.


rain delay

mustache = bad guy

If you have nothing witty to write, inspiring photo to post, or next big viral video to release, have a cup of coffee and begin the creative process.


head towards the light

scorched earth

spring into new life

laugh and the world laughs with you

jack & the psychedelic beanstalk 

magic bus

Here’s the church.

Here’s the steeple.

Open the door where’s the people?

mushroom cloud

invisible blind spot

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

– Pablo Picasso

some signs are more obvious than others

pea in the sink

date night

gold standard